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Something about us and our style

Hello, you! Thank you so much for taking the time to go through our web. To say something in short about us: we are two people behind “Nina-Photo”, husband and wife – Nina & Stan. Stan being the brain in the team, the tech guy, an introverted nerd with a heart of teddy bear. While I’m the artsy and visual type, a bit of a control freak and a lot of a dreamer.

You’ve found photographers who live and breathe this job. We genuinely care about each and every wedding we do and we’re fully aware of what a great honor it is to be part of someone’s such intimate event in life.

Photography is not just a job, we live it every day. And we admit it’s not easy to balance private life and business – we fight on a regular basis, but we have it as a rule never to go to sleep angry. And we managed very well so far. What started out as just a dream, a foolish idea at first, became our life. We’re thankful to be where we are today.

Wedding photography is a big investment, and we are so very honored that you’re considering booking us for your day. We can promise that we will give every ounce of our love and attention to create artistic and timeless images, that you will love and share with generations to come.

Natural and casual images is what we prefer, without the traditional posing, but with many captured moments and great attention to detail. However, we do believe that a short couple shooting on the wedding day is something all couples should have time for, and that is about the only period on a wedding day when we step in and help our couples be themselves in front of the camera. For the rest of the day we observe & click the shutter.

Random facts from Nina:

the most beautiful song: La Vida Es Un Carnaval, by Celia Cruz
a music genre: anything, except rap and hiphop
a male singer: Frank Sinatra
a female singer: Adele
a writer: Tolstoy, Tolkien,
a book: The Thornbirds
a photograph: Day in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt
a photographer: Rodney Smith
a movie: The Intouchables, The Terminal
a film score: Hans Zimmer’s Time for Inception
a director: Wes Anderson
a music composer: Ludovico Einaudi
an actor: Tom Hanks
an actress: Meryl Streep
an element: air
a number: 2
an animal: cat
a tree: acer
a flower: ranunculus
a sound: of the wind
a smell: of the sea
a country: Croatia
a city: Vienna
a famous character you would love to meet: Coco Chanel
a cure: to greed
a word: together
a verb: listening
a habit: coffee, although it doesn’t have much effect on me
a relevant and insightful question: Where do we come from?
an essential thing: love
an amazing thing: airplanes
an enjoyable thing: music
a season: autumn
a success: happiness
a quote: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – W. Churchill
a mood: dreamy
a deep regret: architecture, should’ve studied it

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