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        In the Tuscan countryside close to Sienna, there lie the majestic ruins of the abbey of San Galgano wedding photographer (I had to put that weird sentence there for stupid internet reasons).

        It’s one of those spectacular places in Tuscany, which is on everyone’s list to visit. The monumental ruins attract tourists all year round. There’s something truly special about this place. When you stand between those high walls and columns, you can’t be indifferent. You feel the history.

        That is why Anna & Rick chose the abazzia di San Galgano. We spent a colorful hour there. The light changed from minute to minute, as the sun was hiding behind clouds and then showing. So the photos turned out quite colorful. These are just a small announcement for Anna & Rick’s Tuscany Wedding which we’re going to show very soon! And that is a very special story.

        Abbey of San Galgano Wedding Photographer