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Photographs gain power over time. They’re always a memento for the future.

The person behind the lens

From a regular person to a regular person, a wedding is probably a very rare occasion in our lives when we’re at our best. Events filled with such positive vibes of love and hope for the best future to come are a rarity.

As a documentary wedding photographer what excites me most is creating a photo story that might be a momentum for relationships in the difficult times. A happy marriage is so much work throughout life. Having that little something that reminds us how it felt on the day when it all started is a little treasure.

The people who’s unions I document are looking to celebrate authentic and meaningful weddings, without following any convictions. If this speaks to you on any level – an email from you would make my day.


A few facts about me

Cold and rainy is more my vibe than hot summer weather. I love to redecorate and I change my furniture and décor often. I enjoy arranging flowers and cooking is my newest joy.

It Comes from the heart

They say “happy is the one whose job is also their hobby”, and I think there were never truer words said. I’m fortunate to have been able to make something that is close to my heart my career.



I specialise in delivering artistic, documentary photography with a touch of editorial style, not only capturing all the beautiful details of your wedding day, but also the atmosphere & the emotions behind it.

OVER a decade experience

I’m a full time wedding photographer since 2013. With over 280 weddings in my bag, I still cry during ceremonies or speeches and my enthusiasm has never left.


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Type in all in the info about your big day!