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        Fort George Vis Wedding Photographer | Nina & Mirt

        Fort George Vis wedding - probably one of my personal favorites this year. Nina and Mirt decided to celebrate their wedding with friends and family on this pretty spot in the Adriatic sea. We loved ev...

        Split pre-wedding | Chen & Gordan

        A Split pre-wedding session with Chen and Gordan. They came all the way from Australia to explore the Croatian coast. They contacted us to create some memories of their trip. We stared our session at ...

        Salzburg Wedding Photographer | Aarthi & Bjoern

        This beautiful Salzburg wedding left us speechless. An Indian girl and a German fella met in London. After a big Indian wedding in the US, they decided to do it the German way as well: a church, a whi...

        Hallstatt Wedding Photographer | Lily & Wilson

        Lily & Wilson came all the way from Hong Kong and met us in the amazingly beautiful Hallstatt in Austria, for their pre-wedding photography session. They are engaged to be married next year! Ha...

        Marincel Vjencanje | Helena & Ante

        Marincel vjencanje Helene i Ante je bas bilo posebno! Jako su se potrudili oko svih sitnih detalja koje cine razliku. Helena je nosila Envy Room vjencanicu i super stylish cipele! Posto nam je na dan ...

        Wedding in Austria | Natascha & Chris

        Wedding in Austria A winter wedding in Austria. We were so happy when Natascha & Chris confirmed that we're gonna document their beautiful day. They picked a small place in the Austrian Alps, an ador...