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        Thinking back at my own wedding, there’s so much I would do different today… except the man I married, of course. Loads of flowers is one of those things. So, in order to at least enjoy photographing something such beautiful, I teamed up with an other Nina, from Pixy With Love. I was sure she was the right person to turn to for anything floral related. She even found the right couple – beautiful Rahela & Karlo who are getting married next year and took this as a sort of rehearsal.

        We knew the dress has to be special, so we turned to one of Croatia’s best – Boris Pavlin – who loved our idea and gave us this stunning gown soaked with lace flowers.
        The wedding stationary is by the lovely Maja from Printly.
        And how would you call a styled shoot loaded with flowers? Botanical Wedding Inspiration!

        Thank you people, to everyone involved!
        Botanical wedding inspiration
        Botanical Wedding inspiration


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