Canary Islands wedding photographer

In this post, we’re about to show you one of the most beautiful scenes in the world (and this amazingly gorgeous couple). A very small island in the Canary Islands called La Graciosa stole my heart. A volcanic island with very little population (less than a thousand people) located north of Lanzarote, half an hour ferry ride to reach it. The streets and roads are unpaved and no cars except with special permission are allowed on the island. It has a church, a school, a medical center, supermarkets and some restaurants. It’s a popular tourist destination.

Like a sanctuary for the eyes and soul

My stay here was not long enough, 5 days waking up to the most beautiful views and tranquility, is something I sure plan to repeat. I was there for a wedding photographer workshop, a sort of hang out with people with the same interest. Most of us who do this job, do it with a great passion which is not easy to understand for our family and friends – so a place full of people who share the same huge interest is like a retreat for mad people.

While I was there, I had the chance to do some photos of this amazingly pretty couple Miriam and Eduardo. And on top of a pretty location and a pretty couple – the LIGHT was just mind blowing. These photos were shot in a period during the sun setting and after it set, on two different days. The light changes from minute to minute with the clouds just flying by. I’ll just stop typing nonsense and simply let you enjoy these views.
Would I shoot a wedding there some time? Naaaah. (Yes!)