Chateau Wedding Inspiration

Every year my friend Nina from PixyWithLove spend months and endless chats, coffee meetups and plan our styled shoot. Last year it was a botanical themed shoot, this year – well, I think what best describes it is chateau wedding inspiration. Nina, being the wild spirit that she is – one day noticed an abandoned castle and just walked in. Two weeks later, this was our place. Just for a day.

As big as castles are, we had to decide which spot we’re gonna make the highlight of our shoot. So we chose this gorgeous ceramic fireplace. The sunlight coming in through the old windows giving us this mood and lighting the frescoes on the walls just perfectly. For so many years, the sun walks the same path over these old walls. Mesmerizing. I put together a “short” preview of what happened last Sunday.

Thank you to everyone involved!
The dresses: Artajan Vjencanice
Nina, the flowers: PixyWithLove
The goooorgeous vases on the table: Marinski Heartmades
Our two lovely models: Marina & Martina