Stephanie & Adam

This is a short preview slideshow of an outdoor destination wedding Dubrovnik in Croatia. The Palm Terrace of hotel Excelsior offers a stunning view onto Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Therefore it is probably one of the best venues for wedding receptions and dinner parties in Dubrovnik, offering the gorgeous town walls as a backdrop. An other story from this location is the wedding of Charlotte and Matthew that we did a year earlier. Check it here: Dubrovnik hotel Excelsior Wedding.



Destination wedding Dubrovnik

To decide to pack the bags and get married away from home and to plan the whole story from an other country is, in my view, a pretty brave thing. Destination weddings are quite popular these days. A vacation with the whole family and a bunch of friends can only be the best of times. And celebrating a wedding at the same time sounds to me like a movie plot. Over the past years we’ve witnessed so many people celebrating their weddings this way. We admire each and every of our clients and we’ll eternally be grateful to them for choosing us to document their days.