Austria has always been close to my heart. I went to school in Vienna for several years. Those important years in a childhood, when you become aware of life and your own self. Austria feels like home. Becoming a wedding and honeymoon photographer Austria is a bliss. (Had to put that last sentence there, for very boring site reasons – but basically so people can find us. People who look for photographers there. In addition to that it is really a bliss and a dream to work in Austria.)

The central eastern Alps hide a dark lake. On that lake lies a town called Hallstatt,  probably more of a village than town size wise. It is situated on a steep slope of a massif, high mountains which seem to give the lake its dark shades of blue and grey. Hallstatt is known for its salt mines, dating back to prehistoric times. Some history facts here. It was a very happy, wealthy, pretty place even back then and probably today as well.

Last year we visited this place many times. In this post I wanted to share the photos and story of Michael and Petty. We met an early morning in November. Somehow it seems we’re set for moody weather when ever we visit. Just like we had a whole shoot in rain – check the story of Evita & Scott. As a result, I do have to admit I love the mood and feel of rainy days. November in the Alps has a good chance of snow, rain and especially fog on a lake. Hallstatt weather in an autumn/winter morning is sure to be foggy. Lucky for me, I actually enjoy these kinds of views the most. I do have yet an other story to post from the same location – and that one does have sunshine! Hope to show that one soon as well.

All things considered, if you’ve never been in the Austrian Alps, I can definitely recommend doing a road trip. (Again for boring reasons I have to say: if you need a honeymoon photographer Austria – we’re an email away.) From town to town, lake to lake and enjoy the roads and vies. Here are Petty & Michael. Such an adorable couple. One of those couples who let us just be around them, watching them talk and laugh and hug and cuddle. Thank you, P&M!

Honeymoon Photographer Austria