Island Hvar Wedding Photographer

Island Hvar Wedding Photographer

Located just an hour boat ride away from Split, Hvar town is located on the island Hvar. It’s popular for its beaches, always sunny weather, restaurants, luxury villas and hotels, a wild nightlife and not to forget the most romantic destination weddings. It’s every island Hvar wedding photographer ‘s dream.

Hvar is a popular wedding destination for island Hvar wedding photographer

Having the opportunity to bring friends and family for a week of vacation and fun times, but also using the chance to celebrate a wedding. Hvar offers lovely wedding venues such as the Palace Elisabeth Hotel, or the Bonj Les Bains Beach Club with a stunning sunset. Located a bit off Hvar town is a small island and Palmizana Bay, hiding a lovely romantic restaurant Zori, also high on the top list of wedding venues in Hvar.

Historic scenery for wedding ceremonies in the heart of Hvar

Apart from all the options for a memorable reception and dinner, there are quite a few places in Hvar town that offer majestic historical scenery as a wedding ceremony backdrop. One of the favourite ones is St. Mark’s Courtyard. Then there’s the summer residence of the Croatian poet Hanibal Lucic, with a lovely garden. Not to forget the Franciscan Monastery with an ancient tree and a stunning view.

Here are a few links to check out some weddings I did in Hvar. If you need more, do feel free to reach out and ask for more links with inspirational photos.