Italy wedding photographer in Italy

Italy wedding photographer

“He stepped down,
trying not to look long at her,
as if she were the sun,
yet he saw her, like the sun,
even without looking.” – L. Tolstoy

A wedding in bella Italia

Funny how life takes us places we’ve never imagined. I had other plans for my own life, working with my father, of course – in his dream-life that he’s built over so many years and with so much dedication. Building constructions and being an engineer is what my whole adolescent life was all about. Then somehow everything shifted…

I am not an extroverted people’s person, so every now and then when I realize where I am, it comes as a surprise that I am actually living this life. As a destination wedding photographer, you get to witness people’s most intimate moments and they’re actually letting you enter their sphere of privacy. How amazing it that?

The reason I am typing this is that I’d love all our clients to know that we are very much aware of what that means. That we’re honored every time we enter the room on a wedding, simply to be allowed in.

An other thing I feel the need to type is how thankful we are. Looking back on how we started out, knowing nothing, knowing no one, but with just a huge will and love for the job. We owe it to our astounding clients.

So this year our job took us to Katja & Marco’s Italy wedding. A stunning location, family and friends, love, laughter, happy tears, good food and wine – is what tells this story. Thank you, grazie di tutto Katja e Marco.
Location: Tenuta Acquaviva

Italy wedding photographer