"They really captured 'us'

and everything we dreamed

our wedding would be."

Kind Words

Farrah & Yadh, Dubrovnik

A Refined Service


In documentary wedding photography there are no set scenes and no do-overs. There's one chance only to get the right shots. A photographer has to know how to anticipate and foresee moments that a situation might bring and be ready to capture them. It is a physically and mentally high pressure job.

My years of experience mean I am a great adviser for all things wedding planning related, I can help stick to timelines, fix your veil just before you walk down the isle, but also give you enough space to not make your wedding day about photography at all.

Apart from creating a great photo-story,

I strive to give a refined service from first contact to final delivery.

elopements / weddings / sessions

A Wedding is Personal

Elopements, weddings or sessions all have a different approach and requirement from me. From a few hours to multiple days events, from online delivery to a set of finest printed albums for you
and your families.

Please share your rough plan for the day, locations, number of guests and a bit about your expectations and visions.
For a general brochure, please contact me.

Pricing explained

Understanding what's behind

the service of a wedding photographer

Organizing and planning a wedding is a big financial task. We spend on food, music, decoration and all the pretty wedding details.

Wedding photography is a big investment. It is the one thing that we're left with after the wedding day.

To understand what you invest in when hiring a wedding photographer, I'll mention a few important things that tailor the final price for a wedding day coverage.

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