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        Tips for a
        carefree wedding day.

        From the day you decide to get married, to the day of the wedding - there's so much to think about. Especially when going for a destination wedding. So many things that are not that romantic. But for a great wedding day - and also great wedding photos - it all comes down to a few things.

        There are no laws and rules.

        We’re living in a world where, pretty much from our childhood, we’ve got a certain social pressure as to how to live our lives. Expectations and influences from society which we’re often times not even aware of.

        Not to be too philosophical – do a wedding celebration for yourselves, not for others. There are no rules to follow (except maybe food and music).

        Imperfections create character.

        Don’t stress over anything. What ever you’ve planned, it’s only natural that once the day starts not everything goes according to plan. Even a rainy wedding day can have such a romantic and poetic vibe.

        Love and be happy.

        Apart from all the lovely wedding details and epic couple photos, a good collection of wedding photographs is one with many caught moments of happiness, love, laughter, tears, kisses, hugs and dance moves.

        Number one advice for great wedding photos is: relax and enjoy you wedding day. This energy will transfer to all the guests and THAT is what counts for a fantastic day!