Looking back to last season, one wedding story is specially close to my heart. Anna and Rick’s intimate wedding in Tuscany, Italy. Apart from the stunning Tuscan landscapes, these kind and loving people I’ll always remember. We have photographed weddings in Italy before and yes – it is amazing from north to south – but Toscana… eh.

Anna and Rick brought their closest family all the way from Canada. They chose a vacation home, villa The Lazy Olive also called Podere Finerri. Its hosts are Daniela and Malcolm who found the place as ruins dating back to the 16th century and made of it a true gem for low-key weddings. Locally sourced cosine and wine with a 360 degrees view. Terra-cotta and stone, olive trees and fairy lights, what more do you need?! This place feels like you’re back in time.

It’s perfection. A warm September day, colorful in many ways. Clouds coming and going, a light breeze and even a rainbow during ceremony, only to bless the wedding party with a summer rain just as they kissed. Light rain in the right moment just so we can all could quote the Italian saying “sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata“.

And again, I can’t help but wonder, how big a deal it is to actually be allowed to spend such a day in someone’s life around them. You trust someone to be normal enough to spend a whole day with them and you trust them they will give you a good set of imagery to always remember that day, which you put so much thought into. Anna & Rick chose us after only a few emails. 

At the end, as much of a cliche as it may sound – it’s all about the love and the people. Love and family. These are such kind people and we’ll always be grateful for having met them.

The Lazy Olive
Wedding celebrant: Carina
Hair & Makeup: Consuelo Cardella
Happy to have met Alessandro, a great videographer from Italy: Alessandro Pardi

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