Wedding in Austria | Natascha & Chris

Wedding in Austria

A winter wedding in Austria. We were so happy when Natascha & Chris confirmed that we’re gonna document their beautiful day. They picked a small place in the Austrian Alps, an adorable family run hotel by a lake in Goldegg, which they had visited the summer before.

A Viennese girl and Londoner brought family and friends from Austria, UK, France, Switzerland together to celebrate their wedding. The ceremony was held outside in the snow, and of course in two languages. After kisses, hugs, smiles and a happy tear here and there – all the guests played some traditional “Eisschtockschie├čen”, enjoying hot chestnuts and punch served from an old sort-of-military-kitchen wagon, a goulash-cannon.

After a great dinner some lovely speeches were held by their dearest people and even a skype-call-speech from Chris’ father – which even brought their photographer to tears.

Natascha & Chris – we’re thankful that you brought us to Goldegg and happy to have been there with you. We hope you’ll like these photos at least as much as we enjoyed making them.

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